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SPYVIEW Mugle now approved to hold

Dihydrogen Monoxide!


SPYVIEW uses a Desktop Mugle System, which is an advanced, hidden and untraceable hardware Dongle based on virtual & proprietary Most Useless Gadget (MUG) technology.

Direction of use for the SPYVIEW MUGLE:

Place the SPYVIEW MUGLE (Mug&Dongle) on the same desktop at which SPYVIEW is being used. Make sure one side of the Mugle faces the user, the other side of the Mugle faces the computer display at which SPYVIEW is executing.

Observe the specific skewed offset in the bilateral images on the Mugle in order to maintain the optimal viewing angle towards both user and display. This also not only facilitates left hand users, but also incorporates Repellant Technology (R-Tech) which allows for Senseo addicts to position their Mugle far outside the reach of the delicate smell receptors of neighbouring product specialist with a truly acquired taste.

Reference sites for Feedback & Support



SPYVIEW Mugle: Specifications and ratings

Spectral attenuation of the SPYVIEW MUGLE

Electromagnetic spectrum



Frequency (Hz)

Photon energy (eV)

Range width (Bel)

Gamma ray

< 0.02 nm

> 15 EHz

> 62.1 keV



0.01 nm – 10 nm

30 EHz – 30 PHz

124 keV – 124 eV



10 nm – 400 nm

30 PHz – 750 THz

124 eV – 3 eV


Visible light

390 nm – 750 nm

770 THz – 400 THz

3.2 eV – 1.7 eV



750 nm – 1 mm

400 THz – 300 GHz

1.7 eV – 1.24 meV



1 mm – 1 m

300 GHz – 300 MHz

1.24 meV – 1.24 µeV



1 mm – 100,000 km

300 GHz – 3 Hz

1.24 meV – 12.4 feV


SPYVIEW Mugle now approved

to hold

Dihydrogen Monoxide

Liquid Chemtrails

Dehydrated Water

Frozen Boiling Water

The Mugle globally

The Spyview Mugle is a global licence tool therefore it can be found at various interesting places.

Some recent Mugleshots:


Sofia Bulgaria.

Observe the Mugle’s left hand functionality.

Spyview Mugle Special Sofia Edition


Mugle with IP class ∞

(Non Splashing)

Where other ceramics fail the Spyview Mugle keeps going.

The Mugle has IP class ∞  (Non Splashing) as can be seen clearly from the above MugleShot.

Observe the dysfunctional hands free operation of the ordinary ceramics which reduces them to

the No P (Only Splashing) Class.


TEABAY GingerTea resistant Mugle coating….


Spyview Mugle is confirmed to be in China. No reports from Spyview spotters of any observations yet.

Up Shit Creek

NO Mugle can be found at shit creek for sure.


Before the official launch the Mugle has had several endurance and environmental tests.

The pre-release Mugle testdrive has taken it from Scotland in the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern tip of mainland Australia. During this test the Mugle has seen the full range of vibrations, shocks (OMG),  bad breaths, hangovers and bucketloads of suspicious fluids....

Mugle Testdrive      © SPYVIEW labs 2016

SPYVIEW manual

Read the introductory books:


Read the Flipping Manual

Licence Cleaners

Licences get polluted, that’s life.

Management of single-user licences may seem trivial however they still need the occasional TLC.

For multi-user licences, due to the free range and floating displacements around the office, regular virus checks and periodical internal storage cleaning is vital.

For all Spyview Mugles applies that Single-user, multi-user and floating licenses can be cleaned in a flash using readily available soft and hardware tools.                                  

Single-user Floating licence cleaning

in action using software tools. 

© SPYVIEW labs 2016

Volume discounts apply for Solo licence cleaning software for single users.

Multi-user licence cleaning setup using hardware acceleration, combined with ‘Hot Air Technology’ (HAT).  HAT is an in Germany often applied method to increase customer’s satisfaction, locally also known as ‘Heiße Luft’.

With HAT you CAN catch the chickens AND fix the fence!

© SPYVIEW labs 2016

Keep Planet Earth clean.

It isn’t Uranus.